Spectrum.sample(wave, method='linear', fill_value=0, waveunit='nm')[source]

Sample the Spectrum at a set of desired wavelengths.

  • wave (array_like or float) – Wavelength set for sampling.

  • method ({'linear', 'quadratic', 'cubic'}, optional) –

    • ‘linear’ uses linear interpolation (default)

    • ’quadratic’ uses second order spline interpolation

    • ’cubic’ uses third order spline interpolation

  • fill_value (float or array_like, optional) –

    • If a float, this value will be used to fill in requested points outside of the data range.

    • If a two-element array, the first element is used to fill value_new < value[0] and the second element is used for value_new > value[-1].

    • If not provided, the default is 0.

  • waveunit (str) – Wavelength units, as accepted by Unit(). Default is nm.


An array of sampled values.

Return type