Wavefront.propagate_image(pixelscale, npix, npix_prop=None, oversample=2, inplace=True)[source]

Propagate the Wavefront from a Pupil to an Image plane using Fraunhofer diffraction.

  • pixelscale (float or (2,) float) – Physical sampling of output (image) plane. If a single value is supplied, the output is assumed to be uniformly sampled in both x and y.

  • npix (int or (2,) tuple of ints) – Shape of output plane.

  • npix_prop (int or (2,) tuple of ints, optional) – Shape of propagation output plane. If None (default), npix_prop = npix. If npix_prop != npix, the propagation result is placed in the appropriate location in the output plane. npix_prop cannot be larger than npix.

  • oversample (int, optional) – Number of times to oversample the output plane. Default is 2.

  • inplace (bool, optional) – If True (default) the wavefront is propagated in-place, otherwise a copy is created and propagated.


wavefront – A Wavefront propagated to the specified image plane

Return type